6 Surprising Health Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Do you have chronic pain from an illness or injury that’s getting in the way of you living your daily life? How about an embarrassing bad habit like nail biting, or even hot flashes during menopause?

If you struggle with something that’s affecting your physical health and well-being, chances are high that hypnotherapy is able to help you overcome or cope with it. Check out these six surprising health benefits of hypnotherapy below.

1. Kicking Bad Habits
Our lives are full of small moments that can turn into patterns, which can turn into habits before you’re able to catch them. Your habits form in the subconscious mind, like nail biting for example. You may find your mind wandering, or under stress and subconsciously start fiddling with nails and chewing on them. You then turn to nail biting anytime you’re under stress or have a wandering mind.

Hypnotherapy will help to find a root cause of the habit, when and how it started, help to deal with the underlying cause and to form new positive habits.

2. Hot Flash Relief
Menopause is a bitch, and with it comes those dreaded hot flashes. There is good news, however. According to a study published in Menopause, close to 200 postmenopausal women that experienced around 50 hot flashes each week, randomized to receive 5 weekly hypnotherapy sessions or another attention exercise. After 3 months, the women who received hypnotherapy experienced a reduction in hot flashes by 74% compared to 17% for the other group.

3. Reduce Stress
Stress is a natural thing to experience, but when we experience it too much for too long, it becomes a major issue. Stress is often accompanied by anxiety and depression.

Through hypnotherapy, we can address the underlying traumas and emotions that are feeding your stress and anxiety. We start with your current situation or a triggering event in your life, such as anxiety surrounding a public speaking event, or having to speak to your boss about an issue or perhaps performance anxiety from sports, or entertainment activity. We help you adjust your thought process and help you develop a more relaxed attitude.

4. Treat Chronic Pain
Chronic pain from illness or injury is never a pleasant thing to experience. Pain is produced by our brain, making hypnotherapy a great tool to help with pain management.

The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York supports hypnotherapy for pain management after examining 18 studies, as they found moderate to large pain-relieving effects from hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy isn’t about convincing you that you’re not feeling pain, but rather helping you to manage your fear and anxiety related to that pain, turning the volume down on the pain, relaxing you and redirecting your attention from the feeling of pain.

5. Help Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome
It’s embarrassing and can get in the way of your daily life. Irritable bowel syndrome is not only uncomfortable, it can also be incapacitating under certain circumstances.

A Science Daily study done in 2012 saw 85% of IBS patients reporting improvement after hypnosis and were still feeling better up to 7 years later.

Hypnotherapy can also help relieve primary and secondary symptoms such as nausea and backaches, as well as anxiety symptoms which may cause or appear along with gastrointestinal symptoms.

6. Promote Healthy Sleep
Sleep is an important thing we need to regenerate our bodies and prepare ourselves for the coming day.

Under hypnosis, you are in a sleep-like state, but are still awake, therefore it’s easy to understand how it can help you with insomnia and other sleep issues and help to train your brain to develop more restful nighttime patterns to promote a healthy sleep.

Would you like to improve your health further? Meditation and hypnosis truly do go hand in hand, as they both impact your mind and body with calm, healing effects. You can check out my blog post on the Health Benefits of Meditation and discover how meditation practices can help your health.

If you would like to start experiencing these health benefits, I’m available for a free 20-minute consultation. Book one today and let’s start your journey to happier, healthier days.

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